April 2014 – Matt Lewis, Engineering Manager

To our NAA community,

I am thankful for this opportunity to draft the April Soapbox and provide a glimpse into the manufacturing at NAA.

I would like to thank all of you for your patronage, support, and loyalty to this brand. As the end users, you play a vital role in helping us build the reputation that North American Arms has established as one of the finest arms manufacturers in the industry. Recently, you made us aware on our message board that we had not lived up to the expectations of some of our customers. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to regain your trust and make things right, your support has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

As we move forward as a company through restructured personnel, exciting new hires, capital investments, and overall process improvements; we remain committed to continual improvement and quality across our entire product line. To accomplish this, as stated previously, we have made a few personnel changes that will take NAA to elevated levels of quality and capabilities. Along with key personnel, we have started the process of bringing on new respected vendor partners that align with the direction of NAA. While these things take some time settle in, we are excited for the possibilities.

This has been an exciting time for the entire gun industry; unprecedented orders to every manufacturer have spoken loudly that Americans respect, honor, and value the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Along with you, we here at NAA share that feeling and passion. With the excitement however, have come manufacturing challenges. Recently, we have been experiencing tremendous inconsistencies with a large brand-name ammunition supplier. Large variability in powder charges will cause challenges in any firearm and ours are certainly not immune. We ask for your continued support, fanfare, and occasional patience. North American Arms is a great brand in a great industry. I am proud to work here and look forward to the opportunities ahead to exceed your expectations. A sincere thank you to our customer base, we value your feedback and support.

All the best,

Matt Lewis
Engineering Manager

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