December 2018 Soapbox – Troubled Times Ahead

It troubles me to share with you my very strong belief that the relatively brief respite from the threat of additional “gun control” legislation we’ve all enjoyed will soon come to a very abrupt end – probably early in the new year when the new congress begins its work.

Notwithstanding that the Republicans still control the Senate and the Presidency, the flip of the House of Representatives to Democratic control will be very problematic indeed. It doesn’t take much prescience to imagine what some of the first anti-gun initiatives are likely to be: those that have been discussed (and, in some cases/jurisdictions already enacted): magazine capacity restrictions, “assault weapons” bans and universal background checks.

It’s the House where most legislation begins and, with the ability to set the legislative agenda that their majority position entitles them, Ms. Pelosi and her crew are assuredly smacking their lips over what they doubtless see as such an easy target and certain success.  While there are certainly some pro-gun Ds, I think they are, in most instances, offset by anti-gun Rs, and so the bills will likely pass and then be forwarded to the Senate.  Can the Senate simply ignore these bills?  I don’t think so.  Do the necessary number of members (50) have the political will to fend-off these efforts? Again, I don’t think so.  And if this legislation is presented to the President for his signature, does he have the will to veto the bill(s)?  Again, I don’t think so. The outcry against any effort to oppose these “common-sense” measures “to do something” would be deafening, I believe.

The good news, if there is any, is that such threatening activity will probably give a sharp boost to the firearms industry that has been in the doldrums for the past two years. I wish this forecasted recovery didn’t come at such a high price.

I hope time proves me wrong but, again, I don’t think so.

Please enjoy the attached video highlighting several operations in the manufacture of mini-revolvers.



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