February 2014 – Crooked Barrels

Like me, there are many at the NAA factory who read almost every post almost every day. The unvarnished feedback we get from the community that regularly participates of our Message Board is invaluable and, while we directly respond to very few of the posts, you can feel certain that we hear you and that your feedback strongly influences many of the decisions we make (I directly respond to every email which is sent directly to me at Sandy@NorthAmericanArms.com).

We have noticed with dismay the return of a thread which discusses “crooked barrels” or more accurately crooked crowns, the effect of which is to substantially degrade the accuracy of the gun. It is unarguable that some of our processes were executed unskillfully and that there are too many examples of pieces that were not caught at our quality control stage; while we shoot every gun to test functionality, this is not done at a range and/or at a target. The processes have changed and, with your help, we say with confidence we have resolved this issue.

While we caution our customers to temper their expectations to be consistent with the barrel length of the gun, it would be a mistake to think that we are entirely unconcerned with accuracy. It is our job and our commitment to make our guns the best they can be. To that end, the engineering team has asked me to post the following message:

A message from NAA Engineering,

     It has come to our attention that there has been product delivered to some of our customers that do not meet your expectations, particularly concerning muzzle ends and barrel crowns; to this we say that we are truly sorry for not living up to the reputation and quality of this brand.
Contrary to what may have been shared previously by one of our staff, quality is and remains our highest priority, including accuracy. Accuracy comes as a function of quality workmanship and we believe that it is an important attribute of every firearm. We will never claim NAA Minis to be match grade target pistols but we will strive to do our part in assuring that the bullet hits where it is aimed.
To those who have shared pictures and opinions on this message board, that quality is unacceptable and corrective action has been put in place to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Again, we are sorry for not meeting your expectations and we would like the opportunity to regain your confidence, please contact customer service at (801) 374-9990 and we will make it right.

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