February 2016 – Ranger II Early Bird Program

So, I promised to address this product/opportunity to our Community in this Soapbox.  Here’s what I think I know and what I’m willing/able to tell you.

Is the product ready? No.

When will it be? It will be ready “when it’s ready”. Mid- Spring, I hope.

What will it be? A five shot, single-action, break-top revolver frequently described as the Schoefield style, (pictures of which can be found here http://naaminis.com/smf/index.php?topic=6773.0) and which closely resembles the original NAA Ranger. At the outset, it will be offered in one barrel length (about 1.5”), and chambered in .22 Magnum; a .22 long rifle cylinder will be available as well.

What will it cost? I don’t know, but I’m determined/convinced that it will be less than the original Ranger at $499 (one cylinder).

The mechanics of the program will be virtually identical to those described for the Sidewinder EB program, outlined in my Soapbox of June 2012 https://www.northamericanarms.com/soaparc2011-2020#2012-06

So, everything is now perfectly clear except for the beginning of the program date and $.

When that time arrives, I’ll let you know.

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