January 2015 – Own It? Respect It, Secure It.

I’m pleased to announce that, effective January 1st, all newly manufactured NAA firearms will be shipped in a keyed steel “security box” (photo below). This is consistent with our embracing the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Own It? Respect It. Secure It. campaign for the responsible storage of firearms.

While this container offers some protection against firearm theft, that is not its main intent. Instead, the intent is to minimize unauthorized access – and the subsequent possibility of accidental or deliberate misuse – to your firearm, particularly by children or other “curious” individuals. We consider proper firearms storage to be the most responsible and effective way to reduce accidents caused by firearms.

Because the container is portable, it is not necessarily effective against theft; for that, your best bet is a very heavy, or well-secured, safe or lockbox. Similarly, this container is not tamper-proof; given enough time and the appropriate tools, strength and talents, a motivated individual can defeat this system (as he can virtually any-/every-other security device.) This steel box is, however, more robust and we think more effective than the plastic box and padlock that we’ve provided in years past.

Not content to simply manufacture a family of time-tested fine firearms, we continue to look for ways to make improvements in the quality, finish, functional reliability and safety of our products. We think this is just another example.

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