June 2015 – 4″ Sidewinder


Pictured is our Sidewinder sporting a newly available 4″ barrel (this picture shows our optional, square-butted boot-style grip, while the picture at the foot of the page shows the standard polished bird’s head-style grips). The factory assures me that the first lot of a few dozen (with standard grips) will be ready to leave the factory before the end of the month. I’m not sure that this modification is worth an Early Bird program, and so we’re not planning to offer one.

I’ll admit that it’s priced (MSRP $396) above a price point that I thought we could achieve and/or that the market would find reasonable. The process to manufacture this barrel is different than that for it’s smaller brother and accounts for the almost $50 increase. The market will tell us to what degree this is acceptable.

You’ll also find that we’ve increased the price on our conversion units for both the 2″ and 4″ models (orders we’re presently holding from our distributor partners will be filled at the prior price). You can doubtless recognize the substantial difference between a simple machined cylinder (which we offer for all of our other magnum-framed mini-revolvers) and this one, which is fitted to a crane and includes a spring-loaded ejection assembly. We priced it wrong the first time. The market will tell us if this, too, is acceptable.

As an aside, we’re preparing to make additional manufacturing improvements at our factory, but that’s material for another Soapbox.

I wish an enjoyable summer to everyone.

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