November 2015 – The Premature Introduction of Ranger II

Well, it appears I’ve been scooped:

New for 2016: North American Arms Ranger II Mini Revolver(Photo by B. Gil Horman for American Rifleman)

At the recent National Assoc. of Sporting Goods Wholesalers trade show in New Orleans, we shared with several people the prototype illustrated in the press piece which started this thread:

Having largely completed most of the re-engineering of this piece earlier this year, it was our hope to present this re-introduction of the Ranger as “in production” by this show.  Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

While it was not my intention that this receive any press attention yet, I was probably foolish thinking it wouldn’t. While I’m happy to create some anticipation, I’d prefer to avoid the missteps which occurred with its precursor.

Our present plan/goal is that we’ll have every component in a production condition next month and begin manufacture in earnest in January; pieces should be in stores in February.  I believe that this schedule is attainable BUT I am painfully aware that “stuff” may yet still happen.

I anticipate we’ll extend an Early Bird offer for this piece. We’ll keep you posted as this project “matures”.

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