September 2019 – Ranger II Press Release

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North American Arms Presents a New Solid Ribbed Barrel on the Ranger II

Provo, Utah,. August 19, 2019 – North American Arms( proud to introduce a new variation of the popular Ranger line of mini-revolvers. This new Ranger features a solid ribbed barrel on The Ranger II for both the regular barrel length and the extended barrel in a 2.5”. This new version of the firearm will be released immediately and is currently in production this August.

“This improved part geometry brings The Ranger II back in line with the rest of our world renowned mini-revolvers” said Matt Lewis, Head Engineer of North American Arms. “Since the start of production on The Ranger II we have we have wanted to create something that our customers were asking for, while keeping in line with our history of 40 years’ worth of mini-revolvers. With this new addition to the gun, we will be able to do just that.”


With this change, The Ranger II will nowbe in perfect line with the rest of the mini revolvers offered at North American Arms as the bead blasted finish mimics the same factory finish applied to all mini revolvers at NAA. The solid ribbed barrel will also employ a wider sight rib which will open up the possibility of future sight configurations. Leaving opportunity for growth in options for The Ranger II in the future. Additionally, this will add more weight to the gun, reducing muzzle flip and recoil overall.


The Ranger II photos available here

North American Arms has long history of beautiful and practical mini revolvers and is constantly looking to improve the quality, efficiency and the overall appearance of the NAA mini. Over the last several years, the Ranger II has been a top priority for the factory and North American Arms is excited to produce something of such a high standard. The Ranger II with the new Ribbed Barrel will be sold to distributers across the country who will distribute them to sporting goods dealers across the U.S. The Ranger II will be available at any of your local gun dealers.


Stay tuned for additional offerings on The Ranger II in different barrel lengths, colors and coatings.



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About North American Arms

North American Arms is a firearm manufacturer that has manufactured firearms since 1971. NAA launched as a development to Rocky Mountain Arms, where firearms were designed by Dick Casull, known for the creation of single-action revolver handguns that were named ‘the world’s largest and smallest’ of revolvers. In the early 1980’s NAA became a subsidiary of Talley Manufacturing, an aerospace manufacturing company. Several years later, Tally Manufacturing was acquired by Teleflex, Inc, and made the executive decision to sell the small gun business to Sandy Chisholm, President of North American Arms, in 1991. The business has remained in Provo, Utah for the last 25 years, where it has proved to be one of the best concealed firearm manufacturers for personal protection, law enforcement and collectors. North American Arms will continue to make Convenient, Reliable, and Effective and firearms.


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