The North American Arms x Viridian Laser Grip is a versatile accessory designed to seamlessly fit all Magnum models within the North American Arms lineup. This inclusive design ensures that regardless of whether you own the NAA Black Widow, Mini-Master, or any other Magnum variant, this laser grip will effortlessly integrate, elevating the performance of your compact revolver. The user-friendly installation process makes it a convenient and practical upgrade, providing Magnum model owners with enhanced accuracy and rapid target acquisition without the need for complicated adjustments or modifications to their firearms. With the North American Arms x Viridian Laser Grip, you can confidently experience improved precision across the entire range of Magnum models, making it an indispensable addition to your compact revolver.

Viridian Laser Grip

  • Hard Rubber
  • Red Laser
  • Fits All Magnum Models

*Does NOT fit Sidewinder & Ranger

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