2.5″ Cross Draw Holster

The North American Arms Ranger II Cross-Draw Holster is a sleek and functional accessory designed for practical and comfortable carry of your 2.5″ barrel firearms. Crafted from black molded leather, this holster not only exudes durability but also offers a touch of timeless style. The specifically designed Cross Draw Carry feature ensures quick and efficient access to your NAA-1860-250, NAA-SW-250, or NAA-22M-R250 model with a 2.5″ barrel.

Engineered to accommodate 1 1/2″ belts, this holster provides a secure and snug fit, allowing you to confidently carry your firearm in style. Whether you’re heading to the range or prefer a reliable carry option for daily use, the North American Arms Ranger II Cross-Draw Holster is the perfect blend of form and function, ensuring that your 2.5″ barrel revolver is readily accessible whenever you need it. Elevate your carry experience with this precision-fit holster that complements the exceptional craftsmanship of North American Arms firearms.

  • Black Molded Leather
  • Cross Draw Carry
  • Accepts 1 1/2″ Belts
  • fits all 2.5″ Barrels (NAA-1860-250, NAA-SW-250 & NAA-22M-R250)

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