December 2016 – Election Results, Holiday Wishes, and a little Ranger II

I’d be willing to wager that I’m more tired of having to deflect/defer your interest in the continuing saga of the development of The Ranger II, than you are to be on the receiving end.  I will tell you only that we continue to make progress.  I will not speculate on the timing of such an introduction if, in fact, it ever occurs.  I have heard loudly and clearly the disappointment that many have felt when companies (including NAA, inadvertently) make premature new product announcements; we are determined not to do so.

In a different vein, I feel certain that most are happy that the recent election cycle has blissfully come to an end.  I would venture that many in the NAA audience are as pleased with the outcome as they are surprised.  While the conventional wisdom has it that sales may soften somewhat, the future for the consumer has never appeared brighter (which is a mixed blessing for our friends at the NRA).  Not only do we anticipate no new anti-gun initiatives/regulations and a decrease in anti-gun rhetoric, I think it’s likely that some new common-sense pro-gun legislation may see the light of day, to include nationwide concealed carry reciprocity.  I think we have a lot to look forward to.

I and the NAA family extend to you and your families all the cheer and blessings of the holiday season and best wishes that the new year will be the best one ever.  Thank you for your business and your support.

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