January 2017 – Late…again.

Sorry for the late entry.  Another failed resolution … already.

The future for NAA, and most of the firearms industry/community – both manufacturers as well as consumers – looks very different than the one we’ve been anticipating for the last year+. The operating environment that we can now look forward to is considerably more agreeable than the one we’d been preparing for. The threat of adverse legislation, at least on a federal basis, has been removed. No repeal of the Lawful Arms in Commerce Act. No other of a litany of ineffective and ill-intended laws, restrictions, regulations. No immediate prospect of a Supreme Court review of the 2nd Amendment, for example. Instead, we saw just today the introduction of legislation intended to enable national reciprocity for concealed carry, efforts to remove suppressors from the NFA list, expansion of hunting areas and hunters’ rights, limits to the assault on lead, etc. etc. The future would appear to be bright at the expense of the frenzied, fear-driven consumption at the retail level.

I continue to feel bullish about the future of NAA. While I recognize that we’re not the most innovative company, we still may have a trick or two up our sleeve. Regardless, I know that we make our product better every year and we will continue to invest in resources, processes and procedures, the effect of which is to make cost-effective improvements in quality.

I hope those of you able to attend SHOT in Las Vegas later this month will stop by and say “hello” (BOOTH #15124).  I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Happy New Year.

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