February 2017 – Welcome, Everyone.

Last month during the 2017 SHOT Show we had the pleasure of attending the annual National Shooting Sports Foundation State of the Industry Dinner.  This event is an evening where leaders of the industry discuss the business and political outlook of our industry.  The keynote of the evening is the SHOT Show State of the Industry Address given by Steve Sanetti, President and CEO of the NSSF (video shared below).  While the address focused on the recent victory for gun rights in November, a call to be vigilant in the future against gun grabbers at all levels of government, and highlighting the successes of the NSSF through its various community, regulatory, and politically oriented initiatives; one thing stood out to me the most: a message of unity, inclusion, and that rights transcends party politics.

“We hope that the parade of newcomers to the lawful and responsible enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports will continue as it has for the past eight years,” Sanetti said during the address. “We welcome the widest possible inclusion of all American citizens of all races, nationalities, and orientations regardless of whether they live in the city, suburbs, or countryside to come and join our ranks. And we hope that all of you will help encourage and welcome these newcomers, for they too are faces of America’s future.”

Mr. Sanetti’s words stand at the beginning of a very deep philosophical truth.  Rights exist to protect the minority from the majority.  A natural right must protect so little as the smallest minority (a single person), otherwise it is no right at all.  The Second Amendment (along with all our other rights) belongs to all law-abiding citizens of this country.  There is a broad and diverse country out there and we, even as a group of seemingly divided citizens, can find at least one commonality: we ALL have the unalienable right to defend ourselves and others as we see fit both inside our homes and out.  This right doesn’t belong to one group, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or orientation.

North American Arms has worked hard to provide products that meet the needs of the broadest and most diverse customer base in the world: convenient, reliable, and effective firearms for recreation and personal protection.  For use on trap lines, hiking trails, while jogging, running errands, personal protection, everyday carry, and law enforcement; our product meets the needs of anyone.

NAA welcomes and encourages the incoming members to the lawful and responsible enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports from all walks of life.  We especially welcome those whose need for the Second Amendment is more urgent than our own.  We encourage you to reach out to our factory with any questions you may have about your needs regarding our product or even further involvement in the activities of the industry.  We look forward to an amazing 2017.  Thank you for all your support and business.

Kenny Barlow
Sales & Marketing Manager
North American Arms

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