December Soapbox

I’m back! Sadie here and it’s my pleasure to be writing the soapbox this month. While I am extremely surprised that it is already December, I am welcoming the end of this year. Not only the holiday spirit that the end of the year brings, but I am hoping that the chaos of this year stays in 2020 and does not bleed into 2021.

Here at NAA we are as busy as ever and working hard to meet the demand for our firearms. Over the course of this year we have seen a large uptick in sales. As many in the industry know this is due to multiple different things, civil unrest, election year, and the unknown of a pandemic. Each day we have callers asking where they can find our guns, the short answer is, we don’t know. They are flying off the shelves as quickly as we send them out. While this can be frustrating, for us we are grateful, and we hope you know that we are working extremely hard to catch up on the back order that we have and to get a gun into the hands of those that have been patiently waiting.

Since I am the marketing manager, I do want to share with you a new social media campaign that we have started. Each Wednesday we do a #NAAPocketdump highlight on our social media. People share photos of their NAA firearms to social media and tag us or use the #NAApocketdump to be put in for a chance to be highlighted on our page and to win a hat. The rules of the contest are on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to check it out and participate for your chance to win a hat!

This December make sure you get some new grips, a new holster, or some swag for the NAA lovers in family. They make great gifts! I personally hope that you all enjoy this month and get to spend some quality time with you families. December can be a magical month and I hope that you don’t let the pandemic get in the way of that.

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