Introducing the North American Arms 2″ Black Widow Cross Draw Holster—a sleek and tactical solution for the Black Widow carriers. Crafted from durable black molded leather, this holster combines both form and function. The cross draw carry design adds a dynamic element, ensuring quick and efficient access to your firearm when you need it most.

Designed with practicality in mind, this holster easily accepts 1 1/2″ belts, providing a secure and comfortable fit for daily carry. Specifically tailored to accommodate the Black Widow model, this holster is precision-engineered to ensure a snug and reliable fit.

For those who appreciate a combination of style and functionality, the North American Arms 2″ Black Widow Cross Draw Holster is the perfect companion. Elevate your carry experience with this holster that not only complements your firearm but also enhances your overall concealed carry setup.

2″ Black Widow Cross Draw Holster

  • Black Molded Leather
  • Cross Draw Carry
  • Accepts 1 1/2″ Belts
  • Fits Black Widow Only

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