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Black Widow w/ Fixed Sights – 2″ Barrel

  • .22 Magnum / .22 Long Rifle
    Long Rifle only version available as a NAA-BWL
    Magnum only model available as a NAA-BWM
  • 5-Shot Capacity
  • .22 LR Conversion Cylinder
  • Heavy Vent Barrel
  • Marble Arms Fixed Sights
  • Bull Cylinder
Caliber:.22 Magnum / .22 Long Rifle
Weight:8.9 oz.
Barrel Length:2″
Sights:Marble Arms
Action:Single Action
Grips:Oversized Rubber Grip (BW Logo)

Our Black Widow and Mini-Master Mini-Revolvers evolved from our popular .22 Magnum frame series and include the time tested design characteristics that are incorporated in all NAA Mini-Revolvers. The result is enhanced stability and accuracy for the shooter.

Both the Black Widow and the Mini-Master have a Heavy Vent Barrel, a Bull Cylinder, Oversized Black Rubber Grips and comes with either Adjustable Marble Arms Sights for elevation or Fixed Low Profile Sights, also by Marble Arms.

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